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Multidimensional SLA - MultiLSA.key


Brian MacWhinney是美国卡内基·梅隆大学心理系教授,曾任国际儿童语言研究协会主席,获得过多个专业领域内的国际大奖。他的主要研究领域是认知心理学和儿童语言习得,并发表相关论文数百篇,专著十来部。MacWhinney教授在其研究领域内成果颇丰:1)提出解释语言习得的“竞争模型”及相关的涌现理论,该模型已成为语言习得领域被大家广泛认可的少数几个模型之一,是相关教科书中必提的理论之一。2)开发并建立了至今为止世界上最大、最完善、引用率最高的儿童语料库CHILDES(Child Language Data Exchange System;儿童语言数据交流系统)和TalkBank。3)参与开发了一系列心理学实验软件,如著名的E-Prime,这是当前使用最为广泛的心理语言学工具。



Second language learning is a complex, dynamic process. To understand and improve this process, we can use an emergentist theoretical framework that focuses on competing motivations. Methodologically, we can use web-based activities to evaluate alternative proposed pedagogical methods. Recent advances in tablet-based computing make it possible to evaluate these proposals through controlled experimental designs and enriched environments, both in standalone and blended classroom-based environments. We can refer to this approach as e-CALL or experimentalized computer assisted instruction. Relevant methods include structured practice with feedback, games, captioned video, and lessons embedded in the real world and VR. We can also use online methods to assess individual learner profiles for both motivational factors and language learning abilities. These e-CALL methods can be integrated into a coherent platform supporting all aspects of language learning both in the L2 environment and at home. Each segment of the platform can send data back to central computing facilities for detailed computational analysis and testing of alternative hypotheses regarding methods for optimizing the outcome of second language learning and instruction. In addition, written and spoken user productions can be collected to create organized learner corpora for inclusion in the SLABank component of TalkBank.



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